Research Topic: What marketing is effective now?

Research Goal: This is a short questionnaire to determine what is working now for businesses. Please answer all the questions below.

Personal Details: Entering your name and email address is optional. Your details will not be shared. You will not go on an emailing list. If you enter your name and email we will give you the research findings before making it public.

Estimated time: It is estimated to take less than 90 seconds to complete the questionnaire.
Please rate the items below on how effective it is for you to do business (making contact, getting leads, making sales, follow up, etc):

Not effective: does not work well for you.
Effective: works well for you.
Very Effective: works very well for you.
Not Used: if not used by you.

There are no right or wrong answers. Please choose your answers based on your experience when comparing all the items listed.