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About Online Systems has been in business for over 7 years. We started with hosting and website design as the main service offering. Clients asked about marketing their websites and getting leads for their business. We developed core skills around SEO, Social Media and Lead Generation. We found most companies did not have a central place to capture all their leads and contacts. This meant potential clients was not followed up, not contacted after the initial request, or their details was lost between hundreds-and-thousands of emails, resulting in lost sales for the business. Capturing leads, sending SMS's, emailing newsletters, going social all made an impact on the bottom line for many of our clients. Some success stories include a client going from R6 million to R17 million the next year (this was during the economic slump), another client doubling their turnover, another client improving their closing ratio from 10% to 30% (that more than doubles the business), clients finding more than 200 prospects per month, clients getting 50 good prospects in 15 days for less than a newspaper advertisement in a newspaper for one day … and the list goes on and on … I am not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of your marketing in your business.
Address Libertas Road, Pretoria
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