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As above pic easily/holistically presents; can be applied in various contexts not only housing. SM/G sells taylormade systems/ solutions consisting out of various products too choice from to combat eg specifically always inconvenient electrical loadshedding, as well as related extremely quickly. Various different multipurposed & VERY CONVENIENT TESTED/ TRUSTED SM& G Intellective & professional pure DC Backup Power Solutions (abbreviated UPS/ CPS/EPS sometimes labelled throughout industry as "uninterrupted" power supply) (actually not that clean than e.g. TOTALLY offgrid), however TOPPEST QUALITY as well as user friendly, mainly supplied by Solar Man-S.A. (& partner stockists), are utilized in order to successfully totally counter the crippling/ deadly harmful effects of notonly eg public power outages eg 4 hours... /trips/ uncontrollable damaging vdips/ horrible energy trips/ disruptions / interruptions, /sags / lags / server failures, data losses..., frequency / devastating wave inaccuracies/ avoiding the "load" shedding crises /(geheime beurtkrag), / ongoing eg peak tariff inclines, unannounced eg outlet melting /explosions /unforeseen /seen dips /devastating rollouts /rippling inrushes/ & multiple unexpected blackouts... in EG. Suburbans/urban /& rural cities, e.g. more than only critical loads ie any oxygen machines, homes, bakeries, specific boilers/ SPECIAL welders /related, filling stations, different factories, butcheries, restaurants, filters, estates/'landgoed', medical practices, satellite, telecommunications, hospitals, community arenas, various commercial / industrial /related, any types of eg small/ commercial businesses & public /& /any private /any offices, practices,reserves, "offgrid" contexts, diversities of shopping centres in etc in general. No major eg live transitions necessary regarding this segment if buying from SM/G.


Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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