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Daimler Has Unveiled Pedestrian, Cyclist Avoidance in Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Daimler Trucks says that they are going to make pedestrian detection in all their trucks available, for the first time, with new Sideboard Assist as well as Active Brake Assist 4 in Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The all new Sideguard Assist and Active Brake Assist 4 Mercedes-Benz Trucks transfer high-tech safety technology into urban traffic and will allow protection for all pedestrians and cyclists.

More about Active Brake Assist 4

"Active Brake Assist 4 warns the driver of imminent collisions with pedestrians and simultaneously automatically initiates partial braking. In contrast to braking in response to moving and stationary obstacles, partial braking in response to moving pedestrians is not accompanied by a warning cascade, but rather the audible and visible warnings are output simultaneously with partial braking".

"The long-range radar of Active Brake Assist 4 detects vehicles and obstacles in a direct line in front of the truck up to a distance of 250 meters and pedestrians up to a distance of 80 meters. Motorcycles, mopeds and cyclists are detectable up to a distance in between these two ranges (160 meters). The wide opening angle of 120 degrees enables Active Brake Assist 4 to detect vehicles and moving pedestrians at the sides of the area in front of the vehicle, where the range of vision is dependent on the topography, the course of the road, weather conditions and ambient influencing factors, such as pedestrians moving quickly into the traffic area or concealed pedestrians".

More about Sideguard Assist

"The core of Sideguard Assist is a radar sensor system with two short-range radar sensors in front of the truck's rear axle on the co-driver's side. The system is oriented so as to cover the entire length of the truck. This applies equally to straight trucks, bobtail tractors and tractor-trailers. The length of the monitoring zone extends by 2 meters beyond the front of the truck and 1 meter behind the end of the vehicle".

Sideguard Assist operates in several stages. It first informs the driver when a relevant object is located in the warning zone. In a second stage the driver is informed if they initiate or continue action and there is the danger of a collision.

If the sensors additionally detect a stationary obstacle such as a traffic light or lamp in the tracking pattern of the truck during the process of turning off, there is also a visual and audible warning.

Sideguard Assist also helps when changing lanes or when maneuvering in areas such as loading docks and parking lots.

Source Trucking Info

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