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Corporate LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is the #1 Business Networking Tool. 6.4 million people are using LinkedIn in South Africa. Are you getting the most from the leading Social Business Networking tool? 

This is a practical session on using LinkedIn as a business networking and sales tool. The training is on the updated LinkedIn platform.

The following topics will be covered during the session:  
Your professional profile on LinkedIn
Connecting with other people
LinkedIn Groups - which to join and how to interact
Finding ideal leads and making contact
Publishing articles
Business pages 
Paid packages
Paid Advertising on LinkedIn 
Access to the Marketing Vault... and a lot more!

After attending the workshop you will have updated your profile, published an article, connected with other people and be able to start using LinkedIn as a business networking tool. 

The practical session is ideal for people interested in using LinkedIn as a business networking tool. 

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